Sunday, January 22, 2012


No, this isn't Narnia... it's Olympia WA. This picture was taken in front of our house just after the snow began... before we lost power.
This was quite the storm. It started Monday- the kids were off school because of a holiday- and just kept getting worse. First a big dump of snow (over a foot), then it turned icey. That was when the trouble started. It wasn't the snow that caused this whole area to lose power... it was the ice. There were over 300,000 customers without power. We lost our power on Thursday, 8am.
It's not until the sun starts to set that you realize how much you rely on electricity... for lights... for heat.... for connection to the outside world via the internet. At first it's a bit of an adventure... eating by candle light, playing hide-n-seek in the dark house. Then, by the next night, you realize it's a pain... and you realize all the food you're going to lose in the refrigerator/freezer. The kids had a solution for some of the refrigerated items... (Sam calls it our "hobo 'frig")

Our "hobo 'frig"

We were all set to spend another night in the dark when... THE LIGHTS CAME ON!!! The lights were accompanied by exuberant cheers. Everyone was SO HAPPY to not have to sleep another night in the cold. I was just so happy to be able to get back to normal. The only blessing in all this was that, without the electricity to distract us, we were able to connect as a family... playing board games, cards, etc. It was nice to know that we can still enjoy each other... even without cell phones, television and the internet.

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  1. I WISH we got real snow like that! We only get the "annoying" 2-3 inches and people go FRANTIC! Mike, Bread, and Eggs is what everyone goes for! lol! Glad you have your electricity again, and glad to be part of "something" together :D